G R E E N   @ C I

We are all concerned with our world and while we can only offer advice on what you choose in the end, we try to concentrate on ‘green’ and local choices where available. Trying to keep up with all the information can be overwhelming. Sometimes the choices can be so hard to figure out, it is easier to go with other products. We all need to try to do our part, sometimes it turns out the ecologically sound choice is not some exotic surface, but simply a locally produced product. We offer the following choices as some of our many ecologically sound alternatives.

Bamboo flooring is an excellent environmentally-sensible alternative to hardwood floors or carpet. Cork floors are ideal for areas where maximum comfort and high noise absorption is required. They can be applied to any leveled surface including kitchens.

Reclaimed and sustainably harvested wood flooring deserves consideration when you simply must have wood. Most reclaimed wood flooring is milled from structural beams and timbers that were used in warehouses and factories in the early 1900s.

Stone tiles are our top choice for wet areas. Because of their timeless design that never goes out of style, stones are less likely to be removed and thrown out than ceramic tile or vinyl. Recycled Metal tiles may also help you achieve balance in your kitchen design when you start to feel overcome by all of the wood.

Recycled Glass tiles come in hundreds of variations in color, style and finish. Glass tiles are as durable and functional as they are beautiful. They make any space a favorite one

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